@Robertopancake: A Story About a Boy

@Robertopancake: A Story About a Boy

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Fifteen-year-old Rob Sheldon loves music and Twitter; no matter how many times his family moves, those two things never let him down. His dad is an unreliable alcoholic who lives in Florida, his mom is more interested in hitting the gym and in Rob’s five-year-old half-sister than she is in him, and as far as Rob’s concerned, his “step-douche” is just an annoying complication with a mustache and a potbelly.

It’s only the existence of the luscious, sarcastic Deenie Hobbs that keeps Rob interested in his latest incarnation as a suburban Southern California teen. But their friendship quickly morphs into an uncomfortable, one-sided lust-fest, and when Deenie gets pregnant by a Neanderthal on a skateboard who goes AWOL, Rob’s left in a quandary: do his feelings for her change? Is he really up to the task of being there for her when she needs someone the most? Will her feelings for him change when she realizes he’s the only boy left standing?


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