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Being You

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There are no quick fixes to ensure personal growth, nor are there any universal paths. So says PA Brown, a family physician with years of experience observing and talking with clients as they navigate life’s challenges.
"Being You" dispels the myths that authentic personal growth is a generic process and begins with the task of setting goals. PA Brown keeps it real, by acknowledging that there can be no single set of rules to ensure genuine growth for all. Instead he offers a realistic model of ascending personal authority that starts with sound self knowledge. Authentic personal growth does not involve becoming who you envision, but rather developing who you are. Until you can answer the question “Who am I”, you can never set appropriate goals and therefore never experience authentic personal growth.
It is from the formidable platform of self knowledge that “Being You: Road to Authentic Personal Growth” offers a model for growth that honors your novelty and must therefore be tailored to your individual needs. At the heart of authentic growth is your uniqueness, which requires that you define a path that is uniquely yours. This is your opportunity to grow confidently in an authentic way without the need to constantly explain and justify yourself.


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